[bug-12806, 14267]Numeric Entry Field

Granted this is a purely aesthetic thing but the Numeric Entry Field does not have an Align Center. The style textAlign does not have an impact on the placeholder nor the entered value.

It also returns an error “null found, number, string expected” when the value is cleared, which I will just disregard.

Thanks for posting. Center alignment is actually already a feature we’re tracking (as you noticed, it certainly works, it’s just missing from our default options, so it’s a fairly low priority for us to add).
As for styling the ‘placeholder’ - that’s actually harder than it sounds, but I’ve added a ticket so that someone who knows more about the front-end stuff than I do can decide how feasible it actually is.

As for the warning you’re getting in the designer - it’s just that, a warning, as you noticed. We don’t expect the alignment to be null, but if you don’t want to specify one you can simply delete the property.