[bug-13063]Color of Jmenu items in Ignition 8

Ignition 8.0.2 - build 2109-05-20

we use in Ignition 7.9 Jmenu Item with no problem.
In Ignition 8,

menuitem = JMenuItem()…

The backgroud color of the Jmenu can’t be changed ?


Known issue with the new look and feel, on our list to fix.

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@PGriffith, @awalker do you have any ETA for the fix?

Hope the fix could be in the cut for the 8.0.3 final ?

It’s unlikely (8.0.3, that is), at this point. I haven’t done more than cursory research, but from what I remember when this was first reported, we’ll need to get a fix from the developers who did the new look and feel…which has a built in lead time that’s not insignificant.

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Hope this item is coming to the top of next bug to fix…

@PGriffith, @awalker


@Paul.Scott, @PGriffith
Any evolution in the backlog for this ticket…or a workaround ?

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