[BUG-13815] After Ignition upgrade to 8.0, windows are loaded with tags in error state

It seems to me that the overlays are just a secondary issue to the tag loading beeing very slow. Personally, I expect the tag provider to always provide tags within a time < second.

I feel we are beeing overlooked here, and are getting fixes regarding overlay indication instead of tag load optimization . Like this fix: now the red indication is white during loading of the window.

Heh. Another reason to avoid the tag() function like the plague. Don't use it. Anything you can do with the tag function can be done via another custom property that has indirect tag binding. If you are using the tag() function, you are screwing up.

The only exception is in expression tags.

Unfortunately, we continue to encounter this problem on 8.0.15.
Most often, components are binding on template properties which themselves are binding to UDTs throw indirection.
no tag() function used.
Our client is getting to lose confidence.

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So - removed the tag() function and converted to other binding forms as per

Didn't really fix the problem.

Further investigation after seeing

Found all the failing templates have custom properties which have been bound (at the page level) to custom parameters on UDT Tags.
We don't need this, (I don't even understand what the original developer was trying to do as the bound parameters could be accessed by indirect bindings inside the template anyway - would have been a lot less work). Removed all the bindings on the template properties and created indirect bindings within the template and all the problems went away.
Seems there's some issues with binding properties on Templates to tag parameters.

Read the update log today, it looks like the nightly build as per today maybe fixed the initial error indication when using the tag() expression. Can anyone confirm this?

The OPC_Waiting overlay issue is still there!!

This is not even allowing me to open the screen and do some changes like enable overlay optOut. The screen is freezes and workstation fan is just running with noise! CPU usage is > 80%..

How to eliminate this? Why is this bug still there in 8.1.17?

My screen is just stuck there and seems nothing I can do to unfreeze it:


CPU usage when I open this creen to Opt-Out Overlay:


And after some time it closes the designer

Start a new topic. It looks like you are overloading your gateway. Probably not anything to do with overlays.

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