[BUG-14072] iFrame opens Safari when using IgnitionPerspective app (on iPhone)

When using the IgnitionPerspective app (on iPhone), and accessing a page that uses an iFrame, the source of the iFrame opens in a Safari browser, while the iFrame in the page remains blank. I can easily reproduce this on other pages, and other peoples iPhone.

It “seems” that after I upgraded to 8.0.2 RC1, this behavior started to occur, as, we have been on 8.0.1 RC for a while with no issue.

Anyone else getting this behavior?


Thanks, in 8.0.2 we changed how links are handled in the IgnitionPerspective apps. Links to outside the perspective app are meant to open in Safari, looks like the iFrame is causing that as well. I created a ticket and we’ll have a fix for the iOS app soon.