[Bug-14328, Feature-13043]Scale dock windows size for 4K display

I try to see my project in 4K display LCD and every thing scale correctly except dock window which make them to small to see.
I want when resolution increase the width of West dock windows scale accordingly like the height.
Is there any trick to do that?

This is something we came across a short while back where we decided there was no acceptable path to specify that different Docked Views should be visible at different sizes or a single Docked View should be able to set its size as a percent.

TLDR; no there’s no trick to doing this right now. We’re going to work on making it so that no trick is needed.

If I get resolution and scaling factor of client in Java, do you think I can resize the dock window by script?
I can also setup a setting window so user can adjust dock width. Is changing dock window size possible in script?

This is Vision, or Perspective? If Vision, then yes, if you just get a reference to the docked window (system.gui.getWindow should work) you should be able to manually resize it.

I found you can set the docked window’s “Minimum Size” width and height same as the “Size” width and height, and then the docked window will finally resize… but realize this is not dynamic. Large screens will get the same as small screens.

Check out my answer on this other forum post for some scripting details: