[BUG-16490] Problem in Programmable Device Simmulator

Hi @pturmel, thanks for the answer. How can I change my locale in the designer? I think I already have locale in ‘en’, becasue when I execute “system.util.getLocale()” in the script console, it print me ‘en’.

Please re-read. Change your gateways’ locales to ‘en’. The simulator runs in the gateway.

Yes, but how can I change this?

Normally you’d pick the locale when installing the OS, but I’m sure there’s ways to change it afterwards. But more importantly, you can override the locale for Ignition in ignition.conf. (I don’t recall the actual setting key, but it has been posted on this forum a few times.)

You can force the local from a file in the Ignition installation folder, data/ignition.conf. You will see a line:

#wrapper.lang=en_US # en_US or ja_JP

remove the first # so it becomes:

wrapper.lang=en_US # en_US or ja_JP

Save the file and restart Ignition.


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Thanks. But this doesn’t work either.

Hi Garth, Jorgeibesi,

I had exactly the same issue with the device simulator programs, and this fix of changing the wrapper.lang line in the ignition.conf file solved it perfectly.

might be something for you guys to take into account during the installation process allready though… Still feels like it is an unwanted bug.

but anyway thanks for solving this issue.


This bug was fixed in 8.1.6.

Hmm… I am sorry to say that I am running Ignition platform 8.1.14 at the moment and this issue was still present up untill this morning when I used the above fix.


Well that’s not good. I’ll ask the team responsible for the simulator to do some digging.

Hi @arjan_Meijerman,

When double checking the fix is still working, I am not seeing the problems noted in this thread. Would it be possible to provide a little more information? Specifically can you please provide:

  1. OS you are using
  2. Locale you have setup in the OS
  3. Where in Ignition you are making the change (Designer Tag Browser, Gateway Quick Client, Vision/Perspective Component, Script, etc.)
  4. The datatype of the simulator tag you are updating
  5. The value you are setting


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Hi Garth,

I am running Windows 10 Enterprise in Dutch regional settings (assuming you mean that with locale)
when running a program in the device simulator, the parameters of each function in the program changes by a factor 10 everytime the button “save program” is pressed.
The output of the device simulator is copied to tags and used in various vision components in the designer. The datatype of the used program lines is “double” and the function is “Realistic” However I see the same issue with other datatypes and other functions.

So for instance, the first time I set the setpoint value for the realistic function to “50”, after I save the program, I can see on the tags, that the values rise to 500. This is confirmed when you open the program via edit. all numeric values in the parameters of every line in the program is multiplied with ten. if you hit the "save program " button again, all values are again multiplied by 10. and again, and again. etc… even when no changes were made in the program.

Good luck finding the fix, but ist is clearly related to the difference in the locale settings, as the above described fix in the .conf file solves the issue.

kind regards,

Arjan Meijerman

Hi @arjan_Meijerman,

Thank you for the additional information. I have duplicated the issue based on your comments and it looks like what was included with 8.1.6 was only a partial fix of the initially reported issue. A new bug has been reported to resolve this.


Hi @ggross

You are welcome. Happy to help improve the software…

kind regards,