[Bug-2444] Alarm Status and Journal don't show rows when placed in a Tab container

I have an Alarms View (Flex Container) with Alarm Status and Journal tables in a Tab Container.

Both tables don’t seem to show any rows even when there are active alarms. If I copy the same tables and paste it outside the tab container, they work fine.

Note: It was working fine in 8.1.4 and no changes were made to this view before or after I upgraded to 8.1.5.

Has anything changed in 8.1.5 that I’m missing?

In 8.1.4:

In 8.1.5

That’s no good. I’ve opened a ticket to get this fixed ASAP.

Thanks for the quick response!

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Update: I see that this was fixed in nightly version: 8.1.6-b20210507