[BUG-3267] Perspective numeric entry field decimal separator

I have problems with selecting the decimal separator character for my numerical input fields. I am on a Swedish system that uses “,” (comma) as decimal separator but perspective automatically choose “.” (dot).
How can I change this so that the user can input values like 123,45 instead of 123.45?

I have set the “Project locale” to swedish in the perspective project properties but that does not change anything. I have also tried to set the “locale” session property to “sv-SE” but that does not help either. I am working in the designer on the server and language settings are set to Swedish. There is the same issue in designer as in the browser.

I have put a label on a test view that binds to session/props/locale and when I run that in the browser it displays “sv”.

I have also tried to add “Swedish” in the Translator manager just in case… but that does not help either.

I have Ignition version 8.1.7 installed on the server and from the documentation it seems as there were some support added for locale on numerical entry fields in version 8.1.2 but I don’t see where to set it.

Does anyone know how to solve this?


Oddly, we have no special delimiters registered for the sv locale, which were brought in from the Numeral.js library (Numeral.js). I will create a ticket to add the delimiters. We do however have them defined for neighboring countries if by chance that might be an acceptable workaround.

Thanks a lot for your reply. I can try to change locale to a neighboring country for the moment. How do I know when this is resolved for the sv locale?


We try to update the relevant forum threads when we fix an issue, but the real source of truth is going to be the release notes for any given release.

Is this fixed by now? Same issue with Norwegian.

No, it hasn’t been started yet.

Any time soon?

I guess this bug affects most European users.


And in v8.1.18 still the same issue…

If you choose any language that has a comma as decimal separator, when you want to input the number, you can’t even press the comma on the keyboard (well, yes you can, but it gets ignored).

So how can I recommend Perspective to the customers, if they can’t use it in their native language… for a simple task such as inputting a number…

Not the whole world is America…

I’m running version 8.1.20 and still have this problem. Anyone found a solution?