[BUG-3882] Perspective colour properties not showing HSL colour in preview

When using a human-readable colour space

(i.e. HSL - got to plug HSL where I can!! RGB colour space is far too overused and complicated. If you don’t think so, tell me what colour #2BCA95 is. Compare that to hsl(160, 65%, 48%) knowing that main colour hues (R,Y,G,C,B,M,(R)) are 60 degrees apart, you already know that it’s blue-green (G=120, C=180) with simple, brain-friendly, memorisable year 2 maths)

the colour preview doesn’t show correctly. h=260 is purple, not red as depicted. The colour in the view is ok, it’s just the preview that isn’t. The colour preview is using RGB(260, 80, 80)