[BUG] 8.1.0 Perspective alarm status display filter (expression-bound) only sometimes works

Can confirm we've seen this happen maybe 4 times in the past month on our 8.1.0 instance as well. We have not been able to reproduce the issue intentionally yet. As Nick said, when a browser lands on the view without a filter, it never self-corrects. The user has to hit refresh on the browser to fix it.

Some extra info about our setup: along with the binding on props.filters.active.conditions.source, we also have the Persistent property enabled and a default value that should point to no alarms (prov:MQTT Engine:/tag:Edge Nodes/invalid/none/*). Somehow it looks like both the persistent setting and the binding are ignored when it breaks.

Is there any chance this was improved/fixed in a later 8.1.x release? Knowing so would increase the priority of our upgrade plans. (We plan on upgrading, but other issues are more important right now.)

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