[BUG] 8.1.5 Perspective Alarm Status Table rowStyles styles classes need to be animated to work

If you try to use non-animated styles for the AST rowStyles classes, they just don’t work, it reverts to using the ‘base’ rowStyle. If you add animation to the style, perfect. That causes an hour or so of hair pulling…

This is very frustrating indeed. Animated styles cause an increase in rendering and repainting requirement and chews up a good bit of performance. I’m trying to avoid them where I can and use opacity with two objects instead. So for alarms, I think I’m going to have to temporarily just not use the class system or maybe use the CSS files in the themes. Have you had any updates on this?

Haven’t heard anything unfortunately :frowning:

Whats not working about it? What style are you trying to do

Just set the background colour of a row in the alarm status table using a P. Style. Doesn’t work unless you animate it :confused:

have you tried with !important? As that seems to work for me

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Nice one, that does work. I had to apply it to text colour as well. What’s the reasoning behind this? Is it deliberate?

I’ll also add, that it does actually work without !important in designer, but not on the browser (neither chrome nor safari).

The styles given in the rowstyles dirrectly (so there backgroundColor, color and fontWeight) seem to run with a bigger ‘css selector’ while the class we provide is just a class selector.

the bigger the selectors have priority over smaller ones unless you use !important (most of the time sometimes this also doesnt work)

I suppose igntion could append their selector with the class instead of just using the class selector, but then it would also be very hard to use theme.css with said class. So there isnt really a clean way around it, idk if its possible to remove those styles that are provided by default.

Interesting. Thanks for your thoughts and feedback.

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FYI this topic was covered and @cmallonee had this comment.

Thanks @matthew.gollasch, I’m not sure which solution I dislike more. I feel like the ‘null’ idea is good, but the warning it brings up makes me think another engineer will come and think that there’s an error, then pick a colour and destroy it. Whereas the !important solution is more safely embedded. But thanks for sharing that, it’s good to know.

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