[BUG] EasyChart X-Trace Datetime not tracking with cursor


This only affects charts where pens have gaps in them. In the screenshot, notice that the x-trace is around 15 Feb, but the date is at 1 March. I don’t even know what this is tracking against, as it doesn’t seem to update very often! (see screenvideo, watch the x-trace date/time. Also notice how choppy it is and that I can’t trace across all of the current temp values, despite being contiguous, as it jumps and skips whole sections)


I don’t really understand what about 15feb I don’t see it anywhere.
Regarding the update rate, well reduce measuredly the Poll rate (ms). About the choppy line, read about resolution, resolution mode and interpolation properties and select the best for your needs.

Whoops, I removed the screenshot in place of the screenvideo. But when I had the x-trace around 15 Feb in the top sub-plot, the bottom was stuck at 1 March and so was the date/time displayed for the x-trace.

This is the configuration of the tag. Should I maybe set the max time between records to 1/2 a day? That will fix it for zoom levels > 1/2 a day, but it will also unnecesarilly increase the number of samples captured.

I don’t really know your needs and how much data you require to save.
When I said the poll rate, resolution and Interpolation I was actually talking about the properties of the easy chart. What you’re showing me in the ss, is the config of the tag that it’s been storing in a DB. Usually the defaut configs works just fine for tag history

I did try changing the interpolation mode, but at the sporadic capture rate for that particular tag, it didn’t help. However changing from showing sampled data to raw data has resulted in a better representation (left - Sampled, right - Raw):

The only issue now is that the underlying JFreeChart component doesn’t pull in any data points that are outside of the chart window. So for sporadic data such as mine, there can be gaps created at either end of the chart as in the screenshot on the right as the previous/next data points can be outside of the chart range. Notice on the left that there is a gap mid-through 23 Feb for the light grey pen. A sampled display resolves this, but brings in issues of its own. There’s not really a win-win solution :frowning:

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