[BUG] Error at Perspective Session Authentication in Browser

I switched on Authentication in my project and now encounter an error following the login prompt when launching a perspective session in the browser. After the first time encountering this I switched it back to Public and the error continues to occur, as well as the prompt to login when you launch the session. I’ve attempted a service restart and nothing changes in either mode for authentication. Maybe I’m missing another setting?

Version: 8.0.0-beta0 (b2018112002)

I don’t think authentication is ready yet in Perspective.

Mentioned here as well: http://forum.inductiveautomation.com/t/question-tag-browser-in-perspective-ignition-8-beta/20662

Thanks, good to know, so I’m guessing my project is broken now, as it doesn’t want to switch back. I’ll see if I can export my work and import to a new project.

Do you know when will be the next update?

The updates are nightly during the beta testing.

The error you are seeing will occur when you do not have an Identity Provider configured for the project and you attempt to sign in. It shouldn’t break your project - just avoid signing in for now. If the project will not let you in unless you login, then make sure the Public security level is selected in the Perspective Project Properties in the Designer.

We are on the home stretch for finishing the Security Levels and Identity Providers gateway config UIs - we are targeting to merge it into the beta within the next week.


Identity Providers and Security Levels configuration pages in the Gateway Web Interface were introduced in the last nightly build (12/11/18). See: http://forum.inductiveautomation.com/t/identity-providers-and-security-levels/21342

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