[bug]Igntion v8 can't access to install fonts on system


I install some new font on my server and try to use it in ignition v8, but ignition couldn’t detect them.
I did the same thing with ignition 7.9.10 successfully and this problem is only for vision v8.

hi @nader.chinichian

Could i get some info from you about this?

  1. What is your OS? (if linux, distro)
  2. Where are you installing them? Whole os via a font manager? User? JVM fonts dir?
  3. Are you attempting to map these fonts to a logical name (ie Dialog)? or are you referencing them via there actual font family?

That should help us get started on figuring out what is going on.

Jonathan C

I use windows 10 that server as both server and client.
I install fonts in c:\windows\fonts directory.
In igniton v7.9.10 I simply select these font from component property option. Like Arial, dialog,…
Before I upgrade to v8 igniton can detect any new installed font but after the upgrading igniton couldn’t see new font in font select option of any vision component.

This time the client open vision window but the installed fonts doesn’t detect in v8.
I attach backup project from v8


@nader.chinichian I moved your last post into this thread, so we can track the issues with custom fonts in one place.

Did you able to reproduce that?

I just tested this without any issue. maybe you could provide more details?

  1. the font family name you are installing
  2. the font family name you are looking for in ignition
  3. where you are attempting to find the font in ignition (a vision components ‘Font’ property maybe? or somewhere else and if so where)

Jonathan C

I upload the used font for you to check.

  1. font name: Prime
  2. I can see the prime font in v7.9.10 without any problem
  3. I use the font in every component in ignition.

Here is screenshot of v7.9.10:

fonts.rar (31.3 KB)

Thanks the problem is fixed but the font problem is still exist.
I use a new font that I download from internet and it works fine in v7.9.10 but in v8 ignition cant detect it and it replace it with other fonts.
fonts.rar (31.5 KB)

any news regards font problem in v8.
I test last day release but problem is still remain.

Hi @nader.chinichian,

I tested this issue with the font you supplied and was able to sort of reproduce this. It looks like the font is actually there, however is not rendered correctly. To confirm my suspicions i added a different OpenType font to the system font dir and it rendered correctly. It appears the issue is with this specific font and may be related to the fonts metrics or glyphs. I have attached a screenshot that shows what Prime is actually appearing as in the font selection dropdown. These glyph errors appear on the components as well.

This may have to do with a change in the JDK since 8/9 though im not seeing any other reported bugs related to this after a quick glance but i suspect this issue is appearing only on this font because the problem originates with this font and I would recommend switching to a different one.

I hope that helps.


By the way if I use a custom font which is install on gateway computer. Is it possible for perspective module to embed it so client see the font without installing it on the client computer?(like other web site)
For vision I have to install the font on every client computer.

not at the moment iirc. This will likely be an upcoming feature though

I am facing same issue. Unable to see the newly installed font in designer but able to see in notepad and microsoft office. The font i am trying to use is Source Code Pro (https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Source+Code+Pro)

Hi, i’ve had a similar issue and found a solution to my problem, i hope it helps:
Even if i drag fonts to Windows/Fonts, or open it then click “install” in windows 10 it will automatically install elsewere (I belive in APPDATA) and it won’t show up in ignition (On windows 7 it just installs in the right place).
Try right-clicking it and then choose “Install for all users” (You will need administrator privillege) and it should install in the right place and show up in ignition.

Edit: I’ve tried downloading the font “Source Code Pro” and installed the way i cite above and it works fine now from here.

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