Bug? - Not able to click/touch some items on popups

I’m noticing what appears to be a weird bug. I’ll describe two scenarios I’m dealing with. I am on 8.1.2 of Perspective.

  1. I have an icon at the top of a view which has an action on it to open another popup. That view is called as a popup via a script. When I open the first popup and try to clock on the icon to open the second popup it is very finnicky about where it is clicked on and appears to need to be pressed toward the bottom of the icon (or strangely at the very edge of the top). If I move that icon down further on the first popup I have no issues when trying to click on it, so its like the first view has dead space. I’ve confirmed nothing is blocking it and even made the icon on top of the Z-order. What’s interesting is that I can put the same icon on another view that is also called as a popup and do not have the same issue. The difference between the two popups is that the first is not draggable, has no close icon, and has a position specified, whereas the second doesn’t. If I make the first open like the second the issue seems to mostly go away, though it might still be touchy.

This is the button - the top of the popup is the blueish line that Chrome put in.

  1. The other strange thing is that the numeric entries are not always able to be activated either. The setup of this is a an embedded view (with a percent coordinate container) that is placed in a popup. When I test inside the designer it works fine, but in Chrome or Workstation I can’t press on the numeric entry to activate it. This embedded view placed on a view that isn’t opened via a popup works just fine. It doesn’t seem to matter where the numeric display or embedded view are positioned (unlike the item above). This did not seem to be affected by how the pop up was called.

Like these issues?

Yes, and I actually checked that without seeing those posts BUT… My popup starts at 0 on the left and is the same width as the resolution, so I figured that wouldn’t be a concern. Now that you pointed this out I’ve tested and I need the width of the popup to be (resolution - 2) pixels for it to work. There is a 1 pixel border being added it seems that was causing the issue. I don’t need to change that, but is that a theme thing or Perspective thing?

It’s a focus thing. Whenever any input component (or popup) receives focus, it receives a 1px border (usually in blue - but I’ve also seen yellow depending on OS and browser settings). 1px on each side would match up with your (resolution - 2) value.