Bug - OnTouchEnd PopUp Action with Modal and Background Dismissible doesn't open

When using a Popup Action for “OnTouchEnd”, if you have modal and background dismissible selected the screen will not stay open. You see a brief flicker, but then it disappears. If you make the action a script and open the popup using scripting everything works fine. Additionally, if you use the Popup action and select only background dismissible the popup opens, but in my case opens behind the popup that had the button to launch the new popup. When using scripting, it opens normally.

Bottom line - the Popup Action does not behave the same as popups fired from a scripting action and the Popup action is the one with issues.

I am using 8.0.10.


Just a thought....
The browser could be firing the onClick or possibly the mouseUp event after the onTouchEnd event.

I've been having some issues with touch/click events for some time.

Maybe pointer events could help you too?

No other actions are configured and the fact that it works differently when using a script or when using the canned “Popup” action signals to me there is a bug that should be fixed.

Side note - the primary devices we are designing for are touch screens, but we do test using Chrome Dev Mode which can simulate touch events by clicking the mouse.