[BUG] Perspective: Flooding of [Browser Events Thread] Encountered an uncaught exception


I’m working with a Column View and was moving objects around, then all of a sudden my console started producing the same error every second.

I could reproduce it as well. The components i’m arranging actually came from another window, and the issue happens from a fresh Column View.

  1. Create View using Column container as root.
  2. Paste json component definitions in (I can provide via IM as objects are from one of the certs)
  3. Start re-arranging and resizing components. It seems to happen when I’m trying to move components between rows; the components seem to start fighting with each other to get their position, then the errors start coming in, below.
  4. Bam, messages start appearing and View freezes. Can’t select anything, can however still edit the properties of the selected component, however attempting to save the project doesn’t work: “No changes to save” in status bar

When closing the View (without saving it), it takes a while and then starts spamming the error more quickly:

and an error box:

EDIT: After pressing OK to the error box, the spamming continues for a bit and then finally stops.

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It may be similar or the same to this issue that I submitted. Hopefully something will get addressed soon.