[BUG?] UDT Instance path parameters don't include tag provider


The UDT Instance parameters {PathToParentFolder} and {PathToTag} don't include the tag provider which to me is critical if you have multiple tag providers with similar tag structures.

Long story short, I'm querying active alarms and shoving them in a dict inside a script library variable in the Gateway Scripting Project, then I filter this dict in UDT instance tags added to various folders, relying on {PathToParentFolder} passed in as the filter, and count the number of items to return the active alarm count within the folder the UDT instance is in. However, because this parameter doesn't include the tag provider, I have no way to filter the alarms by the right tag provider, so I'm getting alarms counted from other tag providers from the same tag folder... I really don't want to have to pass in a parameter into the UDT instance with a manually typed tag path to the folder it's in... It's supposed to be a simple "add UDT Instance. DONE"

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This seems to be a long-standing issue with some awkward workarounds.

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