Can I play sound with an tag change event. I don't have the alarm module. Looking for options

Looking to see if I can play sounds out of a event change. I don’t have alarm module at the moment.

I can locally save the sounds I need on the server.

Where are you expecting the sound to play from? Tag change events happen on the gateway.

yes that correction Monitor tag change using timer or event change and play sound

As of today, Perspective has only one way to play sounds in a session, and that is to place an inline frame, set visibility to false, and then change the source of the inline frame to point to the sound effect you want to play - wherever it may be hosted.

We are currently working on a new Audio Player component which could arrive as early as 8.1.16 which is much better suited to playing audio files and it does not display by default.

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Ok great. Any timeline of when the 8.1.16 will be released.

8.1.15 is still going through the RC process, so at least another month.

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Ok thanks,

Any examples you can provide for inline frame option . Thanks

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Take note of @JordanCClark 's post at the very bottom. This no longer auto-plays in the latest browser versions