Cannot read some tags inside Rockwell AOI

Pre-alpha testing is proceeding with my lab gear. When I have no apparent bugs in the major code paths, I'll turn the alpha loose. Soon.


The "fix" is now real, and public, as a beta. Please give it a shot:


I am testing this out currently. Initial tests look great. Thank you so much!

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Hi guys! This something related only with IA logix driver or it's something that will happen with several OPC servers?, kepserver for example.


All users of the Rockwell CIP services for tag access will suffer if any element of a data type or AOI is set to "External Access: None".

Additionally, users of the Rockwell CIP services for tag access that strictly follow their published instructions (the linked data access manual) will be unable to optimize AOI data types and I/O module data types.

Rockwell uses undocumented services with its RSLinx drivers that I do not think any other company is using. But I haven't looked closely at what Kepware does. But even without those, there are opportunities for higher performance.

IA has a policy against using reverse engineering in drivers, where I do not. Ergo, my module's speed advantages due to looking under Rockwell's hood. So to speak.