Change Ignition Project Location

Is it possible to change where ignition looks for projects? Say for instance could I have my ignition projects stored at c:\projects rather than in the Ignition Programs Files directory.

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You can change the location of the entire data directory but not just projects.

(change the -Ddata.dir parameter in ignition.conf)

Eh, hang on, that might not be true… looking…

Yeah, okay, try setting -Dignition.projects.dir=/path/to/projects in ignition.conf.

Hey Kevin, can you give me an example of how to format an absolute path with a drive letter?

Something like this should work:

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Great! This worked for me. The reason I’m moving the project directory is so that I don’t need to run as admin to perform git operations. I think it would be better if the default project location wasn’t under Program Files.

We have no intention of moving the project location outside the rest of the Ignition install directory, but you’re welcome to change where Ignition gets installed when you run the installer the first time.

I’m not really a Windows person, but it seems like there would be a way to modify permissions on the default projects dir if you need.

If you’re running Windows, another option is to create symbolic links to your desired directory.

With PowerShell you can run New-Item.

Or mklink if you’re on Command Prompt.

Its very un-suggested to change the permissions for c:\program files and c:\program files(x86).
Its like giving anyone access to /root in linux.

I’m suggesting changing it for the data/projects directory, not the install root…

Please i need help !
I would like to change the location of the data directory in partition D on windows
i tried with =>“D:\Ignition\data” in igntion.conf file and restart ignition but Don’t work

Try forward slashes:

# Java Additional Parameters"D:/Ignition/data"