Change style of cell (component Table) via script - Perspective

Okay, so there's a lot to unpack here.

This is because the data of the table is a list - not a Dataset. It's important to remember that targeted cell styling is not compatible with datasets, so you previously converted the data property of the table to a list of objects in order to apply styling.

You're encountering this error because you're treating your data in an inadvisable manner. I recommend only having one data source for area of data. In your current code, you're treating a as the source for your table, but then you're treating the table as the basis for updating the view property. Try this instead:

	rowIndex=event.row									# row number of the commit
	colName=event.column								# column name of the commit
    # Below, I've referenced the source-of-truth dataset instead of the "translated" of the Table
	data =						# Dataset [86R ? 8C]	
	newData = system.dataset.setValue(data, rowIndex,colName,newValue) = newData

Even this approach, however, assumes that the custom property is not a binding, which I suspect it is. If that property is the result of a binding, then you should be editing whatever source drives that binding (perhaps a query to update a SQL table).

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