Check DB vs tag values, run update if different or

No, I didn't mean NQ bindings aren't a win for Perspective, too. But they are a bigger win for Vision because of the security considerations. Keep in mind that Named Queries were created in v7.9, predating Perspective, specifically to:

  • Make it possible to disable query texts coming from a potentially insecure client, and

  • Make it possible to use proper parameter substitution in query bindings. By proper, I mean non-stringification.

Just a heads up for anyone reading this later on.

There is an ignition bug where it does not process Gateway tag change event scripts properly IF 2 or more tag providers are on the same gateway and there are tags with same tag path on those 2 gateways. The Gateway event script will process the tag change (run twice) for each tag with the values from the first tag.

For example you have 2 tag providers [PLC1] , [PLC2] that are on the same gateway

On both tag providers you have a tag

if you have gateway tag change script monitoring Analog1/rawvalue with a script that reads the path and writes to DB and only the [plc1] value changes then you will get 2 entries.. 1 for each tagpath both both with the values for [plc1] tag.

What support has told me is either use Tag event scripts instead of gateway events OR make sure all the tags have unique address not including the tag provider name.

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