Conditional Formatting Table in Perspective

Is it possible to do conditional formatting of rows in a table in Perspective based on a value within that table? So if I have a threshold for a table and two rows are below that threshold then they are highlighted red?

Does the silence means no???

As far as I know, there’s no way to do ‘conditional formatting’ the way you would do this in something like Excel. What you’ll have to do is manipulate whatever method you’re using to populate your data array (ie, add a transform) so that each cell that meets the criteria you define gets a style object applied.

I am actually wanting to highlight a whole row based on one field. If the row has a field where the column ‘Active’ is TRUE then the row is green. Are there any examples of such a transform that you can think of?


As of this week, you can apply styles to individual rows of the table component. See my most recent post here: [Feedback] NEW Perspective Table

It seems as though you are rolling your own Alarm Status Table of sorts. Just to let you know, the Perspective Alarm Status Table is on the way, and should be available in the nightly build as soon as next week.