Configure a module with project resources

One other thing I am running into that someone else on this thread might, is that my resources don’t seem to be saving unless I close out the workspace tab first.

For example:

  1. I create a new resource

  2. I edit the resource

  3. I save the change, and take a look at the built file

  4. I then go back and close the open tab

  5. I save again, and go look at the file again

Any ideas what could cause this? I have tried overriding every method on the ResourceEditor class and can’t seem to find anything that fires when I hit save before the actual tab is closed.

Make sure to call ResourceEditor::commit() after making changes to your resource (probably with a document change listener on your text area, in your case).

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This solved that problem! Hopefully all these answers help someone else trying to implement resources in a module. Might be a good update to add to Pauls Markdown example, I’ll possibly make a fork if I can figure out enough Kotlin.

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