ConfigureChart Extension Function Trigger

I am dynamically changing the Y axis range of my chart in the ConfigureChart extension function. The range is based on a tag. However, the function does not execute when the tag changes even though the chart dataset is changing regularly. Any thoughts?

The configureChart function is not triggered by data-only changes in the Classic Chart. You must change a plot background or other visual property. However, be aware that until recently, the Classic Chart would leak a chunk of memory every time configureChart was called.

I haven’t looked close lately, but I would endeavour to replace the axis range object with one that computes the range from the data on the fly.

I changed the chart plotBackground using a propertyChange extension function in a Numeric Text Field displaying the value the chart’s Y axis is based on. The configureChart function did not run.

I can run the entire script in the Numeric Text Field’s propertyChange extension function. How do I reference the “Chart” object that is exposed in the configureChart function?

I was mistaken. Writing a value to the chart’s plotBackground DOES trigger configureChart. In fact, the plotBackground value doesn’t have to be different than the current value.

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Follow-up: The memory leak triggered by the Classic Chart update (anything that would trigger configureChart) was fixed in v8.0.6 but hasn’t yet made it into any version of v7.9. v7.9.13 was released shortly after v8.0.6, but this fix apparently did not make the cut. v7.9.14 will likely have it, and is expected in late April.