Connecting from Ignition on Linux to OPC DA server

I really need to connect to an OPC DA server on windows from Ignition on Linux.
Is it possible…?

Looking forward to a solution.

OPC DA requires COM. Linux doesn’t do COM.
I believe you’ll need a wrapper to expose your OPC-DA server as a UA one.

I tried the Matrikon OPC UA wrapper. I was able to connect using Ignition OPC UA client on Windows, but i was unable to connect from OPC UA client on Linux. :question:
I get an error : Internal UA…etc

Are there OS settings that i need to carry out in order to connect from Ignition UA client on Linux ???

It looks like Matrikon is returning ‘pc1’ in the endpoint address, which your linux server can’t resolve. Two options:

  1. Use the ‘Host Override’ (advanced) setting on Ignition’s UA connection to Matrikon and put the Matrikon server’s IP address.
  2. Add pc1 to /etc/hosts (resolving to the Matrikon server’s IP address).

I tried option 1.
It worked.