Connecting IGNITION to Device that support Ethernet/IP(Without PLC)

Hello Experts,

i am looking for some guidance on how can i connect IGNITION to device without PLC, that supports Ethernet/IP protocol.

In my case its a Leak tester that supports Ethernet/IP.

i found some forums, but did not actually help.


Ignition does not have a driver for this.

I don’t know if @pturmel’s driver can do this or not, maybe he can chime in.

i kind of found this forum from pturmel… but i am not clear really…

Also- Do you think if using any Modules that convert from Ethernet/IP to Modbus TCP will help me to connect from ignition…?

If the leak tester has an EDS file that you can share with me, I can tell pretty quickly if my module will support it. Or provide a link to the product documentation that I can examine.

Product that supports Profinet and Ethernet/IP:

I have other leaktester I think it supports Modbus over TCP (series 700)

“Slave mode” is almost certainly the mode I would need. If you can get the EDS file from their support group I can take a closer look. The user manual might have useful information, too.

Below is the reply i got from the Vendor.

"On the UFv3 RT model our device acts as a slave/adapter. In order for a gateway to work, it must act as the Ethernet/IP master/scanner.

Use this link to find the module you need, for the Ethernet/IP (UFv3 side) you need to choose “Ethernet/IP/Scanner/Master” and select the protocol you need on your side.

The premium version of my module acts as a master/scanner. The anybus would not be needed. However, using the anybus would probably be cheaper than my module. Unless you had more than one or two of these leak testers.

If the vendor has instructions (like, in a user manual) on how to use their product with a modern Allen-Bradley processor (Logix), the instructions would be sufficient to figure out how to use it with my scanner module.

well, the thing is I might have other devices that has Ethernet/IP protocols, so instead of buying any bus for every device, its worth to know that ur Module(Premium) version works. Also does ur Module supports other protocols such as Profinet…?.

can you please provide the link to your Module…?
Also what is the difference between your Modules and any other OPC servers softwares(such as Kepware in the market).

Phil should be the one to explain what’s unique about his module, but I just wanted to chime in and give a personal recommendation for his product. Really great stuff.

No. Ethernet/IP only.

A summary is in Inductive Automation’s Showcase. Clicking on the “Buy this module” link actually takes you to my own site where all of my modules are available. The downloads are there.

My module is an OPC/UA driver specifically for use in Ignition, and runs as part of your Ignition gateway. It is not a separate process–not a separate OPC server at all–and does not require Windows.

Thanks pturmel.