Contribute to Ignition Localization!


Castellano o Español

Great, I’ve added you to the group, so you should now see the localization forum where you can find info on getting started.


Hello, we can help with Romanian translation. :slight_smile:

Great, I’ve added you to the group, and added romanian to the translation tool. Check out the Localization forum for info on getting started.



i could contribute a german translation, especially for the client. I like your software, and there is no problem with an english designer, but a native language client (think about chart or window menus) is a must have to convince the people who make the decisions.

By the way, i was in contact with a german sales representative a few years ago, but now i receive mails in spanish. Maybe you should hint your people in europe to check potential customers language.



Sorry for the slow reply, I’ve added you to the group. You should now be able to see the Localization forum, which has information about getting started.


I would like to contribute to the French translation.

I would like to know when the French translation is finished :slight_smile:

Great! After a few months of slowed momentum, I’m excited about the renewed interested. The french translation is the furthest along, so with a bit more work (actually mainly on our side, more than that of our contributors) we should be able to make it available soon.

Yes, French localization is almost there ; the core translation is done, just to put things in context and together :wink:


+1, spanish (latin american)

+1, Slovenian language (Slovenia, not Slovakia) :slight_smile:

I agree with #Chi, the designer is not a problem in English language, but client for customers is better in native language.


Also for me , the designer is not a problem in English language… The client should have the multilanguage support. of course I ( and the Efa guys) can help you with the translations in italian language

Hello, I want help with Russian translation.

Any update on this topic?

And I still can’t see localization forum…

I want to contribute to Norwegian localization.

Is this topic still actual? If so, I would like to contribute to Slovenian (Slovenia sl_SI) localization.

I hate to dig up such an old thread, but I am wondering if any of the translation files were ever made available? We are starting to do projects at our Mexico plants and if anyone has English-Spanish translation exports it would greatly help!