Convert container type

Would it be possible to convert container types in perspective?
I keep finding myself having to rebuild screens because of using wrong container types or sometimes even the project requirement changes and the container I selected doesn’t fit the new requirements.
Not sure if this would be possible, but it would be really handy if it is.

If you shift+right-click a view and select “Copy JSON” you can paste that into a text editor, then change the root object “type” property. From there you can copy the new edited JSON and shift+right-click the view again and select “Paste JSON” and then it should update.
Keep in mind when you do this, all the components within the view will not update their Position properties to look anything like it did before the root was converted. They will get some defaults that may not make a whole lot of sense and will require you manually edit them.


I had suspected that all components wont update because of a different container type.
But this should work for me.

Thank you for your answer.
This works great for me.

When I converted a Flex Container to Coord Container, all objects became very small. If could only select them at Project Browser.
The new Coord Container is default to fixed mode, I couldn't find settings in JSON to change it.
Anybody knows any trick to do the conversion without change the sized of objects inside the container?