Convert Excel data on a Tag Dataset ignition

Hello, I need help.
I'am creating a webcam system. All data of a webcam will be configured on an Excel file like:

I would like to know if it is possible to extract my data excel below and write it like a tag dataset.

To do the test, I created a tag dataset like:

But in future, all configuration of webcam will be donne in a Excel file
the raison that is why I'am searching solution to get Read an Excel file and whrite data on a tag.

If you can format/convert your excel to csv, you can use this:

Otherwise you might be able to use

j'ai pris l'exemple du doc

# In this example it is assumed that the CSV file being read was a dataset
#that was previously exported using system.dataset.toCSV with the forExport flag set to True:
# Specify file path.
file_path = "C:\\my_dataset.csv"
# Read in the file as a string.
data_string = system.file.readFileAsString(file_path)
# Convert the string to a dataset and store in a variable.
data = system.dataset.fromCSV(data_string)
# Assign the dataset to a table.
event.source.parent.getComponent('Table').data = data

Mais s'affiche l'erreur.


fichier .csv:

Concernant cette bibliothèque, comment l'implémenter sur ignition

Pas tout à fait.

Le message d'erreur dit qu'il ne trouve que 4 rows, alors qu'il en attend 6.
Regarde bien ton csv:

ligne 5: #ROWS, 6

Et derrière, il n'y a que 4 lignes... Forcément, ca marche pas.


To help you get started: