Copy data from perspective table?

Does anyone have a clean way to copy data from a column in a perspective table in a format that can easily be pasted into something like Microsoft Excel? Currently we have a button setup to export the data to a spreadsheet, but this step seems redundant as then we have to open that excel sheet that is downloaded to copy a column that we then paste into another spreadsheet. We would like to be able to remove the step of needing to download as an excel file.

I afraid you are not clear about the source of the new data.
Anyways, in simple words you are just dealing with appending to a list, or concatenating to a dataset depending of how you’re showing data in the table.

@jespinmartin1 We are interested in copying the data from the table in a web browser. The data is in a dataset that is assigned to the data property of the table.

Sorry, I’m lost with this one. Can’t fully understand you.
But maybe you mean to copy to the clipboard from the perspective table. If that is your case is not possible due to security, I think.

I believe the OP wants to be able to select some data in a perspective table, and get into the clipboard to be able to paste in excel.


Yes hehe I was in the way of guessing and doing an edit while you replied.

@jespinmartin1 Thanks for sharing the link to the other thread. I couldn’t quite get the correct nomenclature of sending to the clipboard.

The link said its not possible without a module.

However excel itself should have a lot of ways to parse copied text.
including json which is the default copy you get from igntion