Cpu trend frozen

Does anyone have the same problem?

I haven’t personally encountered this issue before.

Are you historizing your gateway CPU usage tag? Located at [System]Gateway/Performance/CPU Usage. If so, does it’s trend match what you see on the gateway status?

Yes, it’s the same value there and It doesn’t change, but should. I still can’t find the issue

For an issue like this, I think it’s always best to reach out to support so they can look for themselves. Otherwise, I’m sure a gateway restart will do the trick.

Hello guys, I update the version to 8.1.20.
The frozen was solved and in another case the “-100” in cpu too
thanks !

I am currently at 8.1.23 and I am having the same issue with the cpu freezing or flatlining.

Have you tried restarting gateway? (service)

So, yes I have and that fixes it but, 3 or 4 weeks from now it will happen again.