Custom attributes for Identity Providers

Is there any way to add custom attributes to the identity provider setup? There are some user metadata held in our idp that I would like to have as session properties in perspective.


What type of IdP is this user metadata coming from (SAML or OIDC)?

From where would this data be coming? For example: if the answer to the above is OIDC, is the data coming from claims on the ID token, claims on the User Info API Response, or elsewhere?

There is work in progress right now which may satisfy your use case, but it’s difficult to tell for sure without some more info.

Thanks @jspecht, it’s OIDC and yeah - claims on the ID token. Cheers

Ok great, I’ll update this thread once the work I mentioned makes its way to the early access build. It should solve your problem.

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Circling back to this thread. We have added the ability to access the ID token claims from a perspective session prop. See Added Support for OIDC User Info and Token Endpoint Response for more details.

Awesome Joel! I will give it a go. Cheers

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