Custom module will not start in Ignition Designer

I don’t think it makes a difference in the end. I prefer each jar to be individually present instead of a single fat jar - it’s easier to see that your module is being packaged correctly at a glance that way.

As for the issue with the palette - have you checked in the designer’s log console to see if anything relevant is being logged? Or launched with Java Console enabled to see if any errors get logged?

It would also be worth your time to get remote debugging setup: … n+IntelliJ

I notice the client and designer projects are packed into *.pack.gz files. No need to do this with the 3rd-Party Dependency jar files I’ve been discussing?

You do need to pack any jar destined for client/designer scope. If the jar will be loaded into all 3 scopes, you’ll have 2 jars; one .pack.gz and another just a jar.

edit: I can’t remember if it’s actually required or not… the gateway might pack any unpacked jars, resulting in a bit of an overhead when the client or designer first has to download the jars… but it might not be required. Just recommended.

It’s not required, but if you don’t pack it in advance the Gateway will pack it for you each time, leading to slower launch times for your designer and client.

I am back on this ‘Map Navigator’ trying to get it to work using Maven. The custom module compiles and installs without complaint. Yet, when I open an Ignition Designer Project expecting to see my new module in the Component Palette, I see the newly formed Group, but my module is not there.

The Java Console displays this error when I load a project:

ERROR [main-Designer-Startup] Error starting up module mapnav Ignition Module
java.lang.SecurityException: SHA-256 digest error for com/teamdev/jxmaps/swing/MapView.class

My module project is named ‘mapnav’. The MapView.class is located inside one of TeamDev’s jar files.

Is this an Ignition issue, or should I contact TeamDev? Attached are screen shots of:

  • The error in the Java Console
  • the MODL file contents
  • the Module.xml file contents

BTW, inside the Eclipse IDE, this project successfully runs as a Java Application.

I don’t think it’s anything to do with Ignition… are the jxmap jars signed? I’m guessing they’re signed - which is not compatible with being pack200’d. You may need to just remove the signature file from the jar.

Thanks for the response, Kevin. I’m forwarding your question to the TeamDev support people to see if they agree with this.

They guys at TeamDev gave the the “go ahead” to remove their signature files from the jar. This is the result:

  • mvn package - success
  • install ‘mapnav’ module into Ignition server - success
  • open an Ignition project - success (no errors): see DesignerStartup.png
  • display module in component palette - success
  • drag ‘mapnav’ component onto project main screen - success: see MapModuleScreenAdd.png
  • display ‘mapnamv’ component in designer screen - fail: see MapNavDesigner.png

I small black graphic appears in the designer screen where I dropped the component. When I run the project, the component does not display on the screen. Do you know what this graphic indicates?

We’re close. I can smell it!

It kind of looks like something that has 0x0 size and has resize handles all around it…

Up and running. Modified the component to inherit from AbstractVisionPanel (rather than ‘component’).