Database issue on query tags

We have an issue on our ignition servers after upgrading to ignition version 8.1.20
Some database connections don't work on query tags. The database connection is valid and we they work fine on components.
We don't get an error in the tag, the quality is good but the query tag is not updating the value and we don't get a new timestamp. When we try to refresh the tag we get a core error in the status logs on the gateway that says nullpointer exception.
If I change the connection to another database connection to the same database it works just fine.
We have found out which connections that is not working and changed them to ones that is working, but it seems like it's switching, now the old ones are working but not the ones we switched to that worked before. We have also got some errors in the log that says uncertain unitial value with the same timestamp as when we upgraded the servers.

Is there anyone else who has had this issue or does anyone have any idea what to do about it?

Upgrade again, I think: [IGN-6623] Tags incoherent after upgrade to 8.1.20 - #4 by kcollins1

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Thank you Kevin, we will try to upgrade the servers!