Database not working after upgrading to 8.1 from 7.9

Select “Java 8 Connector”; the default is the C connector. The file you get should be a .jar:

How about the Classname along with how to address it when pointing to the server.

If you are upgrading your system, you should be able to simply upgrade the old MySQL driver bundled in your .gwbk with a new MySQL version.

The classname and connection string format are described on the Connector/J manual page linked above:

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So i did getting it working with MariaDB, thank you Mr. Griffith. I am attaching my setup config for anyone who might see this issue.

The website to download the MariaDB driver for Java 8:

When configuring the MariaDB driver the Classname is:

Connect URL when setting up the connection for the server:
jdbc:mariadb://localhost:3306/xxxxx (of course xxxxx is whatever the Schema is in MySQL, this also depends on if it is a localhost or not)

Hi All,
I faced the similar problem just couple days ago.
Only one what helped me was download the Java jdbc driver (must be v11) and install new *.jar file

The post I made previous to yours Radim fixed my issue so apparently it just depends on your system but good to know, thanks.

You are the most welcome :slightly_smiling_face: