Dataset via OPC UA Exposed Tags

Hi Kevin, is there a trick to get my memory tags to show up in the opc client? It shows all the other tags except for the memory tag dataset.

I assume you’re talking about an OPC UA connection to another Ignition that is exposing its tags over OPC UA.

Datasets don’t have a corresponding OPC UA datatype and so they are not mapped/exposed to OPC UA clients.

darn, I’m just trying to get the string tag values to show in excel so we can easily edit several thousand at once, any suggestions?

I’m not really following what you’re trying to do… how does getting some tag values into Excel have anything to do with OPC UA?

the opc ua expert program can easily link opc ua tags to excel so we can easily change the values. I’ve been doing this for 25 years with RSlinx and PLC string tags on the other HMI platforms, but for this project others decided to use ignition memory string tags instead of plc tags.

My initial thought was to just export the ignition database to a csv file and edit the values that way, but ignition removed the export to csv function in ver 8 for some strange reason, and editing the xml and json files in a table format is beyond my experience?

thx for answering my question. Can you do me a favor and just delete my screen caps from this post, I didn’t realize they showed the client name, I dont’ think they’ll care, but just in case. thx.

nvm, got it, thx.

If the data you want is already in a dataset it should be pretty easy to get into CSV using Ignition: Exporting and Importing a CSV - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation

For dataset tags just copy to clipboard, then paste into Excel (or notepad, etc.). After you make your edits in Excel, copy from Excel and paste from clipboard. When you open the dataset you will see controls on the right, bottom two buttons.


Example dataset copied (you should only need to change the row count and then the rows themselves, assuming you had a valid dataset to copy from):


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