Design Mode defualt View irrespactive of bindings for Customised templates/componenets

I have made a customized template for motor, where i have used visibility and background color bindings with UDT tags. I can’t see all graphics in template in design mode, color changes to none in default, even if communication is off.

Is there any setting or any other way to see all items used in template in design mode irrespective of binding results???image 2

What do some of your bindings look like?
I find it useful to create Internal Properties on the Template root that are bound to the tags that you’ll use within the Template. It makes your expressions shorter and allows you to test your templates with different values without having to change the tag values (in the case of development without a PLC, changing tag values isn’t possible without converting the tags from OPC to memory. Other times, these tags may be read-only or constantly overwritten by the PLC)

If the bindings aren’t bidirectional, you can also just set arbitrary values within the designer; you may want to make sure your template is in a sane default state before saving, but the template will evaluate its bindings and overwrite its defaults whenever the windows load.

I tried with internal properties and bind my objects background color with it, but again i have to bind my internal properties to OPC tags. and the result is same, every time it evaluates binding results. however it is easy to change internal properties values.

But this do not serve my purpose. At least on template in design mode, binding results should be overwritten.

Hey, what is sane default state? My bindings are not bidirectional. I set some values in designer but it again get changed when i reopen.

If you use expression bindings, you can add this condition to display as desired when in Designer and not testing–a “design mode”:

// Show this if in designer and not testing.
(({[System]Client/System/SystemFlags} & 1) && !({[System]Client/System/SystemFlags} & 2))
// Also show under these conditions in client or testing in designer. 
|| runtimeCondition

Replace runtimeCondition with the expression you’d want evaluated for the binding in a client.

Yes, This is working fine, yes but it will make all binding expression a little long.

Thank you!

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