Devices in the retail space that Maker can connect to today

On the Maker marketing infographic; From Travis: “I use Ignition for my home automation system and to manage my bills. Ignition is an ideal tool because it connects to anything and gives me the flexibility to customize the solution the way I want it and I can access it anywhere.”

What were the devices used that were easy to connect to from Maker at home?
What was used to turn sprinklers on/off?

If I were to go to Home Depot and collect up some WYZE products, bulbs, cams etc, would these work as a rich test? …nope

Possibly can Maker get context to an IFTTT “layer” that could control the WYZE app?
(and other home automation apps) …nope

Are there any “generic” devices known that can connect to a wireless router (like a simple ON/OFF switch) possessing an opc server from which an on off bool tag can derived and manipulated like any other tag ?

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There’s some discussion around connecting to home automation devices here: APIs for common household smart things (Nest/Google Home, Ring, etc)


When you look for devices, you are going to want to find some that have some sort of API.
If it has an HTTP API then you can send it HTTP requests and it will return data back to you.
Some of the things in the discussion that Sanderd17 linked have great APIs.
From what I can tell Wyze has some great products, but they don’t offer an API, which means that they currently don’t support anyone accessing their devices from a development standpoint, only from a consumer standpoint.
What Travis showed in the presentation were some devices that supported Z-Wave. You can also find smart devices that support Z-Wave and then get a Z-Wave adapter for the computer you are running Ignition on, and Ignition will be able to communicate with those devices as well.
I’m starting a Home Automation with Maker group at my company, so I will post any interesting findings from that group on to this forum if you or anyone else is interested.


Travis also pushed up the module he wrote to interact with a local Z-Wave controller:


I’m going to try Travis’ Z-Wave driver, but I wonder if Zigbee isn’t pretty much the same. I was looking at the GoControl CECOMINOD016164 HUSBZB-1 USB Hub, which has both Z-Wave and Zigbee communications.
Has anyone tried this device? I’m pretty confident it will work for Z-Wave with the driver, but what would the Zigbee side have for differences?

In the same vain of this question - I am looking at everything in my house that is currently connected to my HA server - some are serial and some are Ethernet - all with a published API.

As an example, my Sony TV has IP control. How do I start in getting it to work with Ignition?