Disable Right Click Menu on Pie Chart

On the Pie Chart component, is there a way to disable the menu that appears when you right click on it? Most of the options it provides seem to be disabled anyway, plus it isn’t very useful for the display that I am building.

This might be of some help...

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The value for that field is already set to none, but the menu still is enabled. So I’m not sure if that is the right route. I’m going to poke around a bit though and see if I can find any similar properties.

Took a bit more digging, but the field that is used on the popup is ‘popup’ not ‘popupMenu’, even though both are valid fields.

So the following code resolves the issue.

from org.apache.commons.lang3.reflect import FieldUtils
chart = event.source.parent.getComponent('Pie Chart')
FieldUtils.writeField(chart, "popup", None, True)