Dock Parameters Resetting between each page

I have a dock configured like so

In a couple places, I tried calling system.perspective.alterDock('notif', {'content': 'cover'}). It works, but whenever I navigate to another page, the dock config seems to reset to whatever was defined in the screenshot. (Aka the content setting gets changed back to push instead of cover)

Can I make the dock state persist between pages?

Is it shared dock ?

Be aware of alterdock limitation

  • It's the only dock on the bottom (there's 1 onDemand one on the left and 1 persistent one on the top)
  • I only modify that dock, the other 2 are immutable

An oddity I noticed when debugging it.
I had a binding bound to that ran a script to call alterDock to set it to either cover or push mode. When I navigate to a page, I can see the dock very briefly reset to default settings before getting altered by the alterDock call again. However, if I click the link of the page I'm already on, thus the binding for the path never runs, the dock gets reset anyway (but doesn't go back to its intended position because the binding never runs)

Known issues aside, AlterDock is only intended to work for the current page. As you move from page to page in your session, you are loading a new page configuration which will replace your existing Docked Views with whatever is configured for the Page config you have loaded.

Yep, because you're loading a new (albeit same) Page configuration, which is replacing the old one. Since the value in page.path has not changed, the script will not be run again.

Note: is not known to me - was this a miscommunication, or are you creating this property yourself and updating it somehow?

Sorry, it was just page.props.path on a component.

Also clicking the same link does give the expected behavior (its reloading the config for the dock defined in the page, not continuing to use the altered config)