Driver Allen-Bradley


i'm trying to read data from an AB PLC (see details on pictures) but without success.

Using the "Control Logix Legacy Driver" i cannot connect (Faulted Mode message)
Using the "Allen-Bradley Logix Driver" the driver is connected but i cannot "browse" data (ok, it's an old firmware).

How i can define Tag's Paths manually? I can read data correctly using my custom driver (an old c# IEP driver implementation). I'm not an AB expert so i think that i'm missing somethings..

What are the firmware revisions of the PLCs you are trying to communicate with?

What is the physical comm path between the PLC and the Gateway?

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Version 20.12 should work with the Legacy drivers, but that model needs the CompactLogix driver, not the ControlLogix driver.

Hi, thank for replies.

I added a CompactLogix Driver but the message is always the same.

I would like to read some "GLOBAL" tags: 1 Integer and 3 strings.

Are there any errors in the wrapper logs?

Not sure what’s going on. Both drivers should work with this PLC and firmware version. Device must be in a weird state or not able to allocate more CIP connections or something.

You won’t be able to read tags unless the browse can be completed.

I'm now curious what my alternate driver would get.

LOGIXDriver > Browse failed: status=0x05 [path destination unknown] , additional=[0x0000]

CPU SLOT = 0x00

But i think that it's a firewall problem.. i'm going to call the IT. I'll inform as soon as possible.

Thi morning i'm going to try your alternate driver.. i will keep you informed.

For your info: i asked to switch-on another similar machine and the Browe is working!
I read that in some case it's necessary to re-download the SW on CPU to make it working..