Email notification to SMTP server debug

Ignition 7.9.5.

When sending email notification, I have the following error

I try to send an email from the gateway with another email client and it works fine with the following settings

Any Idea ??? or any other logger to active in Ignition for debug ???

Sending Notification email with / prot 465 / Enable SSL/TLS / user/pwd

works fine from Ignition Gateway !

The Email Notification Profile should have a debug mode property. If you enable this Java logs a bunch of stuff to stdout, which ends up in the wrapper.log files.

I am having some similar problems as this discussion. I have the configuration setup in SMTP profiles. I can confirm testing the profile works, I’ve run a script using using the SMTP profile that works, and even setting up the Error Reporting information with the same information works fine. However, when I use run the Test capability of the pipeline notification or when I actually create an alarm condition on a tag using the pipeline, I am never getting the email. I have debugging turned on for both the pipeline and the SMTP profile, but when I execute the test or an actual alarm, I am not getting anything written to the wrapper.log file (or the email, obviously).

I have confirmed the roster has a contact with an email address (properly formatted), and the schedule for the user is set to ALWAYS.

We are using 7.9.6. Any thoughts on what to check?

I might also add that the Alarm Pipeline logs also don’t show anything on the Gateway Status page.

Re:Problem with Email Notification(Alarms)

Kathy AppleBaum in Software Developement said:
Debugging emails can be hard, because there are a lot of places the problem could be and often the error messages we get back from mail servers are rather vague.

But certainly the first step will be to check your logs for those error messages. That can tell you whether Ignition thinks the email was handed off successfully to the SMTP server or not. Remember that even if the email was handed off successfully there are still a lot of places for failure, but Ignition won’t know about it and you’ll have to debug further down the chain.

Naturally, I’m assuming you’ve already done the easy stuff like having the user check their spam folder and testing the pipeline from the gateway. You might also want to send them an email from a script to test.

and from another forum:

Cosmo Lee 2 years ago
These instructions didn’t work for me. The insecure apps security setting doesn’t exist in my Gmail settings because I use 2-Step Verification. There are different procedures for that. One must create an application specific password. You might want to update your post for this since 2SV is increasingly popular as a means of protecting accounts.


Here is more from a related post that I made:
Yet the problem could be at the user’s end. You might ask if they have changed the email attributes of their PCs to conform to new requirements from the ATT.COM / ATT.NET account or a similar one where they needed to add either OAuth or an Outlook client. I recently purchased Office 2016 for the home machine ( Win 7 Pro ) to avoid the subscription fee associated with later versions or 365. The idea of signing the GNU/GPL/GPx licensing seemed to be worth more than $40.00 to me. I did have to get a ‘secure ID’ from AT&T and also set up the POP/IMAP type of settings in the browser that I use Outlook with.
If all else fails, there is an IA Support website

I appreciate you providing some of these details. I think maybe I should have setup a new topic as it’s unrelated to just SMTP (other than it uses an SMTP server).

I can send the same email using the SMTP Profile Test capability without a problem, and can use the Error Reporting capability without issue, as well as using the scripting function that references the SMTP profile. I am confident that I have the configuration right for the email server.

What I cannot figure out (and I just tested in our DEV environment and it worked without a problem, and the logs are all being generated), is why I cannot get a single logged event that provides ANY direction to tell me anything about the rest of the configuration being setup correctly (Alarm Notification Pipeline, On-Call Roster, User Source). I guess I will get with support to find out why I cannot see anything whatsoever.

Just two things to keep in mind ( Herbie A,K,A. N.H. ):

  1. The thread was initiated by ‘Mazeyrat’ ( A.K.A. L.M. ) who did say the mail from the Gateway went through.
  2. Support has a policy section which shows a big difference in cost between e-mail, priority e-mail, and voice support. Another user of the forum wanted me to know that the urgency of some requests should dictate always including the IA support, try: ( forward slash or backslash- this is from feeble memory ).
    Please let the rest of us know how it went- Thanks!