Embedded view params deleted by itself after bind to a tag

I create a embedded view with some params on it to pass my tag. After I instance it in view and binding it bidirectional to a tag the params in the main view deleted!!! This happen because by default when bind a tag to a property the property change to be not persistent.

I also test to see what happen if I change the params to be not persistent in embedded view. After I do that and close the view and open it, all params that I change to be not persistent are gone and deleted.
I use 8.0.6 RC1.
Is anyone else see this problem?
I attach my template.
This cause time to time the value of bidirectional tag get null.

light switch.zip (6.1 KB)

I think you’re not supposed to bind things to params, instead pass values along as params on your embedded view.

if the propties under the params prop are bound to tags there should be no problem.

Of course I bind the tag to item under params.
But there is bug here in this version cause view lost its params items.

If you’re sure it’s a bug, you can make a bug report. That way someone with more experience and knowledge than I do will probably look at it.

The ignition 8 Early Access forum is exactly for this. To test the and share any problem in product, so some one from IA see and note and fix that.
By the way you are not helping people by posting this kind of answers. Only make my post busy.

Did you change the persistent property for the entire ‘params’ item or the individual params within it?

In my opinion, if the entire param object is set to not be persistent, that the sub parameters might get deleted since that is the ‘value’ of that property.

Edit: Hmmm tried it both ways, persistent does seem to remove params. I am leaning towards calling it a bug as well

Hello Garrett
Thanks for your test.
Believe me, this make me crazy for a week. This problem is very random and cause the tag get null value randomly.

One thing I should mention the params item that define as object and has sub item, the problem show itself severely.

I wonder why any one else doesn’t see this problem until now?? Every one use embedded view and should see this if they develop any thing.

Any one from IA can test and confirm it?
Today I see after restart my gateway some of my tag get null value because of that. The only thing that work for now is to use pass tag path and use tag binding.

This is the same issue that is mentioned in this post:

Please follow along on that post for updates.

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