Fans Float off Page after some time

I agree with not animating things, it also goes far away from any scada standards such as ASM or HPHMI if you do use them.
Using Gifs on the other hand would never be my suggestion, unless itโ€™s in an office chat :grin:. Raster images never make it into my ignition projects, I will always use vector graphics.

I can't talk about these fans (not a huge fan of animations either), but we often have to visualise devices that can turn to a certain angle, and where the angle is important. Think about box tippers (viewed from the side) or turning tables (box comes on a table, gets turned 90ยฐ, and moves on), or shuttles on a curved track. These angles are usually analogue measurements, and it's handy to render their value in an intuitive way for troubleshooting.

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So rotation can be important, and it should just work.

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Ok so I believe the issue is fixed I ended up changing the fan design to one in the symbol factory and making sure it was an exact sizing 46 x 46. Then made if the page was idle for 10 minutes to swap to a different screen and took off caching so it would restart the page on re-entry. All that seems to have fixed the issue. So far 2 days without it. I will let you all know in a week to see if the issue comes back. Thank you everyone for your ideas and tips. (Especially the space one @nminchin )