[feature-12986, 15300]Unacknowledged Alarm Sound

Glad it’s working for you :+1:. I started with Ignition a few years ago after years of working with various other HMI/SCADA packages. The learning curve felt a bit steep at first, but for some time already I prefer it to anything else I’ve worked with by a long shot and it just keeps getting better. And the forum support is great! Welcome to the club :slight_smile:

Ran into one little hiccup.

When using the Ignition app for the iPhone, when an unacknowledged alarm comes up, it takes you away from the app to the web page that has the sound.

It only does this with the iPhone app. I also have a Galaxy Tab A and it does not do this, and it does not do it on desktop web browser.

The reason this is a hiccup is that you cannot go back to the app to acknowledge the alarm. When every you try to switch back from safari to the app it just takes you right back to the web page with the sound.

This is a known issue with the iOS app.


I got you example to work on my test system here in my office. My end user will not have internet access on their scada system. Is there a way to use this and point to a local file or a file on another pc? I’ve tried sharing folders and other combinations but can’t get it to work. The output console isn’t giving any errors…just no sound playing. Thanks in advance!

Browsers won’t load file-based URLs if the content they’re rendering didn’t also come from a local file. However, you can use the gateway itself as a webserver: [Question] Loading images from gateway's file system

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Got it, thank you!

I’m trying to get an alarm sound as well but now in 8.0.4. I don’t quite understand the full solution from this post, is there someone who can summarize please?

Okay, I worked through this and got it working here is the summary:

  1. Save the .wav file on the gateway webserver location.
  • Example: C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\webserver\webapps\main
  1. Use the iFrame (Inline Frame) object and link the src property of the object to your wave file (through the webserver address).
  • Example: http://(IP address of gateway):8088/test.wav
  1. Add an expression and or scripting to trigger the sound conditionally (builds on top of #2).

We have same need. One of our customer requested this feature as high priority issue. They have another SCADA in use currently including sound support for alarms and they require the same also from Ignition, reason is very much same as Nathan described. Just wondering that has this feature got support from anyone else to get priority higher?

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Sure this feature is a must in any SCADA packages, but right now you can create a very flexiable alarm sound with iframe.
For example, you can have as many sounds alarm for different priority or security zone locations and put them in the ignition web server folder.
Put the URL to them in the iframe, if your logic meets your criteria. (only by some tags and expression lang)
My solution even checks the IP and GPS location to play the specific alarm.
In the future, if IA decides to add this feature I don’t think it is as flexible as this solution.
This is the beauty of this platfrom. You have nothing but you can create anything.


Right, sounds reasonable. W’ll try this, thanks.

Yes it is working well when running on a laptop/desktop… but unfortunately the sound is not played automatically on iOS (APP or Safari). The user have to clic a button to play the sound… which is bad for alerting the worker using its iPad.

I imported this View into my project but it doesn’t work. Has the method changed with v 8.1.9 or am I doing something wrong?

Nothing wrong with you. Browsers now specifically disallow autoplaying audio/video.