[feature-13750]Closing all open popups

My use case is, when a user opens a popup they are still able to resize the web browser which can cause Views to be reloaded if the container size grows or shrinks past its breakpoint. If this happens, I would like to close whatever popups are open at that time.

Is there a way to retrieve a list of all popup id’s that are currently open? I could then iterate through the list calling system.perspective.closePopup() on each id.

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There’s no way to access this information from scripting (at this time), although it would be relatively easy to add; I’ve filed an internal ticket to implement something along these lines.


Has this feature been added?
I have a use case where the customer wants to be able to close all ope popup views via an operator action (button click, menu selection, etc.). So a “close all open popup views” feature would be excellent!

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Any update on this?

I want to close all opened popup without knowing their ID. Is there any way way to to do that?

I have not heard back on this, so I assume that there has been no change.

There has not been any change. When there is, this thread will be updated.