[feature-14663]Perspective Session Info

Is there any way to get perspective session information such as the number of sessions, users logged in, project name, etc… ?

For Vision I use system.util.getSessionInfo() but this doesn’t get Perspective info.

There are some Gateway Tags for Vision, but the Perspective sessions don’t contribute to this:

How do I get this information?

Wait a few weeks for us to add the scripting function :smile:

A developer’s already written a system.perspective.getSessionInfo function, it just hasn’t been merged into our codebase to go into a particular version. It’s still possible it makes 8.0.6, but I won’t guarantee that. I’ve added this thread to the ticket, so we’ll post something here once it’s available in a nightly build.

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Great to know. Looking forward to version 8.0.6 already!
Thanks Paul.

A new system.perspective.getSessionInfo function is now available in the 8.0.7 nightly. Thanks again for the suggestion @DavidWisely