[feature-1967]Customizing Perspective Login Page

Is there a way to customize the Perspective login page?
At this point, all I really need is to make it use the project Title instead of the Name because the project name is Some_Project, and the project title is Some Project.
Also being able to display a company logo would be nice as well.

Project title being displayed there is coming - hopefully 8.0.2, although it might miss the cutoff :bullettrain_front:

I could see us adding an image, although that’s no guarantee - I’ll file a ticket to see about it. It’s a bit tricky if it’s the overall perspective project required auth - at that point, we haven’t really loaded in all the info about your project. It’s much easier to style the login “upgrade” page you get from the app bar → sign in button.

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I see the project title is now being displayed.
Do you have plans for other customizations?
Project image?
Also, maybe a company logo on the left hand side?

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@PGriffith Would appreciate any update on this.

Project title updates should go into 8.0.4 - I was in charge of the original changes, but after they got rejected by QA I hadn’t gotten back to work on them due to higher priority issues. Last week I finalized the changes, so it just needs to be approved and go through QA, which will likely happen before the 8.0.4 release cutoff.

Additional customizations are not currently planned, to my knowledge - but that’s something that would be good for ideas.inductiveautomation.com :slight_smile:

Thanks @PGriffith

I’ve been thinking about this, because it’s something we’d like to do also… and it occurred to me after reading this thread:

Wouldn’t a simple solution be to allow the possibility for creating your custom login page in a project of it’s own (or in a more complex project), creating a custom username/password field entry and then using an “improved” version of the “system.perspective.login” script function to pass the parameters entered by the user (user/pass) and forward them to Ignition’s configured idP? thus starting a session and skipping the normal login screen?

Not sure if I’m missing anything or if this a feasible idea, but we’d like to be able to make a custom login screen and then distribute users to the relevant projects based on that. I’ve been able to make a version of this, but I’m not entirely happy with it…


Can this be done with custom html somehow?


Will you share some details of your custom login screen? We would like to develop a login screen that has a dropdown list of users from AD so that the user can select his username, enter his password, and press a login button. I’m not even sure there is a scripting function for Perspective that can be used to login a user.

Hi Larry,

Sorry for not replying sooner, I’ve been working on other things that do not require Ignition and have therefore not been lurking in the forums lately.

The solution I discussed here didn’t work out. We ended up making a custom middleware application that serves as a gateway of sorts. We use the IDP features from Ignition and the middleware manages the redirection to the appropriate projects. Ignition manages the permissions based on the user that logs in. It’s a bit more complex that what we’d like, but it works well so far.

Hope this helps.

I just wanted to chime in here to say that customization of the sign-in page is being done as a broader effort to improve co-branding of some of the more heavily Ignition-branded UIs (login, loading page, etc). I’m updating this topic title to track the correct internal issue number.


Just wanted to add that for me, the customization of the front page is some branding, some function. That I can make front and center, the only thing on the page, a reminder to users that their login is case sensitive.

Does that mean that a component will be made for logging in instead of providing a function for it?

@tupanaster see if this post will answer your questions,